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Person of Interest “The Perfect Mark” Review

poi3074A hypnotherapist who is really a con artist, is a pretty neat idea for a person of interest. This week’s POI, Hayden Price is a conman posing as a high-priced hypnotherapist. It seemed like he was actually decent at his job, too bad he was really conning people instead of helping them. As I said last week, it was cool to see Harold in the field. Also, it was intriguing to see Mr. Wren would pick the picture with the birds. Will we ever find out what Harold’s fascination with birds is about? I hope so.

It was good to see Fusco working with the team. I loved when he was working with Carter, they still have a great rapport. The face Carter made when he asked her to let him work on the frame job they were setting up. It was good. He needed to focus on his, “hollow point special kind of motiff”. That is the only thing I would change about this season. A little more Fusco. It was also neat to see Elias come back, I like his relationship with Carter. It is pretty fascinating. He also did a really nice job explaining the money laundering set up.

The action in this episode wasn’t as pronounced as in previous weeks but there were still a few moments that were neat. Carter punching Laskey for his own good, had to have felt a little cathartic after all of the pain he had caused her. The shootout at the apartment was visually interesting. I also liked the shootout at the end and I couldn’t believe they had the guts to take out both Laskey and Terney. That was pretty nuts. That gunfight also resulted in Carter discovering Quinn’s true identity as the head of HR. The best action of the night however, was Reese walking in and smashing Terney across the face with a bar stool, that is a pretty wicked takedown.

I thought there was a lot of ‘ice’ in the last episode but Simmons, Terney, and Alonzo Quinn made up this week’s quota. Simmons was amazing as usual with stuff like, “Let’s do a two for one special and take out the therapist too.” This fantastic line and a couple of other gems in addition to his usual icy demeanor make him such a great villain. I almost don’t want them to take down HR because Simmons is just so good at it. Then a few minutes later Terney drops, “Don’t be noble, there’s only criminals on this line.” Quinn’s icyness is only apparent to us as the audience because we know who he really is. How he can seem so sweet but yet be so calculating and dangerous is great.

As I said last week I like the scenes with Harold and Root but I am not the biggest fan of her being locked up. I tend to agree with Root that Harold’s intentions are good but keeping her locked up is the wrong decision. I loved when Root said, “Don’t be jealous Harold, Mom still loves us both.” I am curious to see who is right in this little game. I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: I loved the scam scene where they set that guy up. It was really fun to watch. I liked the cop and the mark both dig a great job playing the scene plus Hayden was using a British accent which was hilarious.
  • I love the show’s habit of letting you hear calls. It helps that all of the characters have the right voices for it.
  • That fist bump was the best. That is all.
  • I like seeing Shaw and Reese doing surveillance together. I look forward to more of that.
  • “As before Miss. Groves, Mr. Reese is upstairs with an unhealthy number of firearms please don’t try to run.” Finch to Root. It was a little fun levity to what is a tense situation between the two.

“The Perfect Mark” continues a stretch of really great episodes this season. This show has developed into the mythology/procedural hybrid that I wanted it to be and knew it could become. Not only was this episode and the twist really fun this week but there were a lot of cool mythology moments with HR and Elias. I cannot wait to see where we go from here. Sadly, Laskey won’t be going along for the ride.


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