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Person of Interest “Liberty” Review

poi3014This episode focused on one sailor who was in danger in the midst of hundreds that flooded the streets of New York City for fleet week named Jack Salazar. The worst part of it was that Jack was in trouble because of what his shipmate and friend RJ did. He was smuggling diamonds among other items and shorted a customer. Bad idea. RJ ended up getting a taste of what he did wrong later as he was strapped to a bomb.

I was legitimately worried for Jack when the Spec Ops team descended on him. He was taken by surprise and then they ganged up on him. The leader, RIP, was brutal and when he was pressing on Jack’s ribs, I really felt for him. It was a real relief to see John show up but I didn’t know how he would be able to rescue him. John’s plan with the car was pretty quick thinking though.

One reason this episode was so interesting was because of some intriguing developments. Shaw has decided to stick around and be a member of the team, bringing her patent ‘sunny’ demeanor too. It was also interesting to see that Carter has been hiding Elias. This relationship will be really intriguing going forward. I will love seeing him as an asset to the team.

After Cal Beecher’s death it was not at all surprising that Carter had a wall of HR and was investigating them. I wish her the best of luck. This should be a good thread to follow especially with Elias being involved most likely.

The guest stars in this episode were great. The leader of the Spec Ops group who was nicknamed RIP, and was played by Max Martini and he was absolutely frightening. Also, Dr. Carmichael was played really well by Bruce Altman. When Root dressed him down for all of the things she knew about him, the look on his face was priceless. I had never seen the actors who played Jack or RJ in anything else like I had with the others but they did a great job too

Finch’s comment at the end about feeling like something bad was coming feels like an astute prediction that will come true. They know that the machine is still providing numbers despite the fact that it set itself free. There are still a lot of unknowns though. I am interested to see who the big bad for the season will be. Also, what is Root’s role? Friend or foe? It will be fun to watch it all play out this year.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: I loved the opening scene with Shaw on the date, which was really a mission. Not only did she look great but she was also really lethal and effective. Also Fusco looked like a leprechaun which was hilarious.
  • I really love the new designation for Root: Analog Interface.
  • I like how casually Reese strolled into the shootout at the fence’s shop.
  • I was also really surprised about the ambush that they set up with the guys upstairs. That makes the situation even more dangerous for Jack and neat that he makes it out alive. To add another surprise on top of that situation, Elias’ guy Scarface comes in and takes the diamonds.
  • “I could shoot you or save you, frankly, I could go either way” – Shaw to Jack when he tried to fight them off as they were trying to stitch him up. I totally get it, when he got knocked out he was being kidnapped and then when he awoke there were two people over him. I would have tried to fight too.

“Liberty” got the third season off to a bang. It set so much into motion. We got the first look at the new dynamic of the show with Sarah Shahi (Shaw) and Amy Acker (Root) as regulars on the show now. I thought the balance was good. I am excited to see them working together more and I think Shaw is a great addition to the team. I am also curious to see how Root’s storyline will play out. She is up to something, it will be cool to find out just what. With such a great start, I am sure we are in for another awesome season of Person of Interest.

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