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Person of Interest “Endgame” Review

poi3084This week’s Person of Interest was 38 different people. I love a case with multiple numbers. It reminds me of my favorite episode, “Number Crunch”. This time, the numbers represented the corrupt officers that belong to HR. Something bad involving HR was going to go down and our team had to get to the bottom of it.

This episode’s events are set into motion by Officer Joss Carter although Finch and his team do not know this. They just know that there is someone trying to incite a war between the Yogorov and the Russians, and HR. Carter stole a shipment of the drugs that HR was supposed to be protecting. After that she grabs a sniper rifle and takes some shots at Alonzo Quinn, HR’s boss. This must have been gratifying for her as she now knows that he is the man responsible for his own godson, Cal Beecher’s death. At the same time it must have been really difficult not to just execute him and avenge Cal’s death that way.

It was neat to see more of Carter’s backstory. I already liked her son Taylor, who we have seen previously and although he had a rough start, I like her son’s father, Paul Carter as well. I was glad to see Paul get himself together and that came in really handy as Taylor had a safe place to stay while his mother took on such a dangerous mission. It was cool to see how strong she was through the years to make the decision to raise Taylor on her own instead of putting him in a potentially dangerous situation. It shows more reason for why Carter is so used to doing things on her own and being slow to trust.

One thing I love about this show is how much of a family this team is, they are totally behind Carter. Reese knows that Carter is in a very dangerous situation and he constantly has her back. Shaw is helpful and gets her the guns that she asked for, even ‘borrowing’ Reese’s grenade launcher.  Fusco tries to come to her and give her information and then is ready to ride with her no questions asked to take down HR. They all offer her their assistance multiple times and let her know they are there if she needs them. I guess that is why she finally decided to trust them to help her and called Reese for backup at the end.

Another aspect I really love is the sarcastic writing on this show. Exchanges like the one between Peter Yogorov and Carter are fun. “Last time I went with you, you arrested me,”  quipped Yogorov. “Guess, old habits die hard, ” Carter snapped back. There was also some good stuff when Carter, Simmons and Quinn all got in the same room. Carter said, “I will save you the Shakespeare quote,” to which Quinn replied, “You know, I think that’s your problem, you see yourself as a protagonist in some great tragedy determined to face the world alone even if it gets you killed.” I love lines like this and how the sarcasm is an effective mask for their contempt they feel for each other.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: There were a lot of great moments in this episode but the showdown with Quinn was fantastic. Carter’s bravery in the face of her impending death was awesome. Quinn and Simmons were so smug about killing her and it was great when they failed. I also liked that she was willing to trust Reese at the end. She might have been better served if she also gave her new gal pal, Shaw a call. Baby steps.
  • Elias is such an interesting character. “Relax. If I wanted you dead I would be a little more creative than this.” I like him being an asset but at some point I feel like Carter and the team will have to take him down. That will be a sad day.
  • How great was that shot of Carter on the roof? The location scouts on this show are amazing.
  • Quinn and Simmons’ coldness, precision, and deal making skills make it clear to see how HR was able to operate so effectively for so long.
  • “Maybe the machine blew a belt or something.” – Reese “It’s not a lawnmower, Mr. Reese.” – Finch in response to the machine spewing out 38 numbers. This cracked me up.

“Endgame” is billed as the first of a three part series of episodes. If this is the first part, then I cannot wait to see the other two. I am really glad nothing happened to Carter yet but with the danger present in this storyline and how close she almost came to her end, any one of the team member’s number could be up. This show has set up a really great storyline in HR over 3 years and if this is to be the end of it, it is seems that it is truly going out with a bang.

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