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Person of Interest “Nothing to Hide” Review

poi3021This week’s Person of Interest was named Wayne Kruger, he was the mastermind behind a data mining software application and website called Lifetrace. He ended up not being a good guy but the team still had to protect him. Kruger got it pretty rough. Not only did the people against him destroy his marriage, and his job but they also attempted to kill him. First, the people out to get him took over his elevator causing it to freefall and then they took over his car’s computer control system causing him to crash. The reputation sabotage seemed warranted and justified but this group took it too far when they tried to kill Kruger and they eventually succeeded.

I like the way the episode played out. It seemed like Kruger was the victim of one person taking out revenge on him, then we found out that there was another disgruntled person that he has wronged involved. We then discover that there is another individual who has been coordinating all of the attacks on Kruger. It is revealed that this person is Peter Collier and that he is the representative of a group bent on punishing those that invade privacy. Collier’s flip was insane, he was so cold, I totally didn’t see it coming. It was fun to watch it unfold for everyone, except Kruger I guess.

It was interesting to see Shaw take somewhat of a backseat this episode. She was still involved but she wasn’t shooting people. She was doing pure surveillance. It was neat to see that she could be a team player and do what she was asked for the good of the mission.  She will continue to be quite the asset to the team. Finch should rethink his position on her, he said, “I doubt her ability to keep from shooting someone.” I guess you were wrong, Harold. She did seem to enjoy watching Kruger’s life fall apart a little, “This is getting better by the minute.” Despite her personal feelings, she did her duty to try to help this week’s POI. I thought it was kinda neat when she got a tad disappointed that Finch put Carter onto talking to Karen Mills. That’s a team player.

It is also a little frustrating seeing where Carter is in this episode. She is on duty in her role as a beat cop, which she clearly can’t stand. She is stuck with an eager rookie partner named Mike Laskey that she doesn’t really want to train. She is always still searching for Cal Beecher’s killer despite the fact that she is standing face to face with him although she doesn’t know that. In addition to all of this she is still being an asset to the team helping out by confronting Karen Mills for them.

This episode dealt with privacy issues which is really interesting given what has been going on with intelligence and data gathering in this country. This show continues to be very topical. I found it really interesting that this kind of information gathering could be a $300 billion industry. The amount of information that is available is amazing and it was interesting commentary that the episode provided about that. We give up so much information willingly that it can be rather shocking what could be done with it if it fell into the wrong hands.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: The anniversary party in general was a fun scene. Reese and Shaw at the party with Shaw looking so lovely and then chowing down. Fun stuff. The anniversary video was really well done, and so was the sabotaged video. It really painted Kruger as a slug and served to freak out all of his guests.
  • I was actually really impressed by the pitch by Kruger, I would have totally bought into Lifetrace too.
  • I really liked the graphic of the percentages of Kruger of being a perpetrator or a victim and how the values were both moving up.
  • I like how Shaw tries to follow Finch just like how Reese tried to do back in the day, and he gives her slip just like he did with Reese.
  • “I sure hope this guy is a perpetrator” – Shaw talking about Kruger after a sexist remark. You do not want to get on her bad side.

“Nothing To Hide” is a really cool episode and seems to have set up a really neat new arc with a really interesting new enemy in Collier and his group. It is isn’t often that we see the team fail, this goes to show just how powerful and dangerous this group really is. We don’t know what their goals and intentions are yet but it will be fun finding out.


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