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Person of Interest “The Crossing” Review

poi3095Jocelyn Carter is dead. Those words are so hard to say. This show will never be the same. The show is losing a strong African-American actress that brought so much presence and personality to her character. Taraji P. Henson is an amazing actress and she will definitely be missed. CBS has been teasing that in this three episode arc that a hero will fall. They misdirected us with Fusco but they delivered on their promise just like Simmons always does.

Despite losing such a great character, the episode was fantastic and although it was a startling shock, it was delivered in a great way. I think how this arc was constructed was absolutely brilliant. The first episode, “Endgame”, served to close out Carter’s story. “The Crossing” was her triumph and death and next week’s episode, “The Devil’s Share” will be the aftermath of all of this.

There were so many little things that I liked in this episode in addition to the major things. I liked Simmons continuing his ruthless ways, killing the judge so callously, to use as part of his cover story. I also liked the location for the torture scene of Fusco, a fortune cookie factory, that was an interesting idea. That locale set up that great exchange with Simmons about the fortune cookies, which was a lot of fun. I also liked all of the nostalgia and callbacks to the pilot. The fight on the subway, the end with Reese and Carter where they recited the first lines they spoke to each other. That was a neat touch.

The relationships on this show is one of its greatest strengths. I like things like Shaw just showing up at Fusco’s house like it was totally normal and their banter back and forth with each other. Fusco said to Shaw, “You know the dog’s the only one that likes you, right?” It was also nice to see a little bit more Fusco in general. He seems like a good dad and it was neat to see that side of him. I loved seeing Reese’s smile when he was reminiscing about how he first met Carter, after taking down those dudes on the subway. It was cute. I also liked how much a team player Shaw is now. She definitely had the right suggestion to Finch to get Root involved, it could have saved Carter’s life. She also was absolutely right when she went to save Fusco’s son.

There were some neat action scenes like the cool scene with the ambulance escape. It was really tense and then victorious and then crushing. It was cool to see everything go crazy once Simmons saw Quinn’s bloody handprint on the back of the ambulance, then you want to cheer when Fusco assists taking out the two cops and the celebration comes to an end when Simmons captures him. Well done. It was also neat to see Reese trying to draw the fire away from Carter. It was also great to see Harold get on the action using a tazer on that one guy.

The goodbyes in this episode were all so emotional and fantastic. It was good that these people got to express those feelings for each other, especially in Carter and Reese’s case. They are important because like Finch said in the pilot ,” If you stay and we continue to do this, sooner or later both of us will probably wind up dead, actually dead, this time.” Sadly for us, the first one of them has.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: Was the scene in the morgue between Carter and Reese. I love them trading those near death stories. That was such a neat shared moment.
  • I loved the little dialog box that came up with a threat assessment for Reese, that was a neat touch. It sucked seeing those numbers dwindle so quickly though.
  • Good for Elias for sitting the bounty hunt out, what a team player!
  • All the numbers showing that are all former aliases of Reese. Nice touch.
  • I have never mentioned it before but I love Reese tapping his ear to activate his Bluetooth and talk to Finch. It is a small thing but I like it.
  • As usual Root and Harold’s exchanges were great. “My relationship with her is more intimate.” “Come on, Harry. Let’s not pretend that John is your first helper monkey” Is she on to something with that? Also, the sincerity in Root’s “I’m so sorry for your loss, Harold,” was chilling.
  • Big shoutout to Director, Frederick Toye, the episode was filmed nicely. I like the look of the last scene, it was so haunting as was the telephone ringing, and the way the traffic light turned to red as Joss died.
  • FOR MY 24 FANS: They kind of did a “silent clock” by not audibly saying “stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
  • “That’s a nice suit, maybe we will bury you in it.” – Generic bad guy on the subway. “Too bad, I just got it cleaned”-Reese right before he takes those guys out.

“The Crossing” was a suspenseful and exciting end for Detective Carter. I like that even though she died she to have a little bit of happiness before her end, she was able to put her man away and get reinstated as Detective. Taraji P. Henson/Jocelyn “Joss” Carter, you will be missed. I am really interested to see where things go from here. How all of them will mourn her, especially in light of the revelation about his feelings for her. Also what will the team’s dynamic be like now, and what will life be like post HR for these people. There is so much more to explore and it will be interesting to watch it all unfold.


5 thoughts on “Person of Interest “The Crossing” Review

  1. I only just watched it today, but I don’t know how I feel about it. Carter being dead kind of sucks. I liked the episode a lot. It played out differently than I’d have expected. Seems like there is a lot of story to build from this event and yet still… I don’t know how to feel. I agree about the way the end was shot and the imagery and the phone ringing was cool, but Simmons just rolling up and shooting them… not sure if I liked that aspect of it. Oh well. I guess I’m just going to really miss Carter. We’ll have to see if this ends up being a positive for the show.

    • I think they will handle it well because I trust the showrunners but I don’t think I can say with certainty that it was the right move. Like you, I will definitely miss Carter a ton.

  2. She did a really nice job with the character. Best part about this show is that they blew right through the gimmick that would have been the linchpin of most other shows…she got wise to him and got on his trail quickly. Weaker shows would have had them playing cat and mouse the whole time.

    Great scripts, great acting, camera work.

    I hope the series gets into syndication and that homegirl and the crew see some nice checks for their hard work.

    Also, major balls shown by the people who run this show, killing off a main character. They better let (super hot) Sarah Shahi stick around for a while. She was good in “Life.” She’s great here. It’ll be interesting to see who they get to fill Carter’s shoes.

    • She did a great job as Carter and will be missed. The writing on this show is phenomenal! I hope it makes it to syndication as well.

      I liked Shahi in “Life” as well and agree she is better here. She is also definitely really hot. I hope she stays around too. I don’t think they should try to replace Carter. I don’t know how they could anyway.

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