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Person of Interest “The Devil’s Share” Review

poi3102The end. No, not to this article, the end of the great arc of television that was started with “The Endgame“,  then “The Crossing” and now “The Devil’s Share”. The arc was marketed by CBS as the end of HR and that a hero would fall. Well, all of that came to pass, in dramatic fashion. They handled the HR takedown, and the death of Jocelyn Carter really well. This episode was the culmination of those other two events and they did a stellar job putting a bow on this whole trying ordeal.

The show started out with a great intro using “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. There were no opening credits but it was totally appropriate given the circumstances. It was hard to see her family as well as her team members and friends at her funeral. The car attack scene with Reese and Shaw in the bar interrogating that guy was great and showed more of their grief manifested in a different way. The cinematography of the crash was awesome. It reminded me of the crash in the show, Awake, which I loved. The music really tied it all together in this open and was very powerful.

The relationships on the show are so great at this point. They way they all interact is just so fun to watch. Sometimes they can even surprise you. It was weird to have Shaw advocating for Root’s release. I also liked how Finch comes in to stop Reese from killing Alonzo Quinn, and he does it with a soft spoken voice, not yelling for him to stop. It goes to show you how much he knows about him.

I loved each of the flashbacks and how they all dealt with death. I love how they are filmed from the point of view  of the person talking to our characters. They all looked really cool cinematically. Harold’s therapy session was the birth of his current mission. It was confirmed here that he started trying to save the numbers as a part of his survivor’s guilt for Nathan. Interesting. I loved the conversation about why Shaw shouldn’t be a doctor. The difference between fixing and healing was a neat conversation. The comfort she has with who she is fascinating to watch. John’s flashback showed how easily he kills because of the person he is. I also liked how Fusco revealed his true self in his interview. It goes to reinforce how much he really was changed by Carter. I also liked the reveal of the episode title’s meaning.

Root was on fire this episode. She was really a team player. I will continue to love her being the analog interface of the machine. The scene where she was proving her value to Fusco was so great. His face was fantastic. I am also enjoying Finch and Root’s relationship. Root really seems to care and it seems genuine. I hope it is. Finch on the other hand is so jealous of Root and her connection to the machine. He looked so frustrated when he let her out and she looked so happy when she put the earpiece in. I can’t wait until Finch finally allows her to be free. I hate seeing her caged.

The fight between Fusco and Simmons was great. Fusco is tougher than he looks. I liked all of the tributes to Carter throughout the episode but this might have been the best. “Carter got you good huh?”. As he beat Simmons into a pulp he stopped before going all the way, “I’m not gonna let you undo all the good she did,” Fusco said. He acknowledged Carter’s importance to him and that she had changed him.

I always enjoy seeing Reese in action. It was tough to see him seem so pained but he was really effective and his plan worked pretty well. I liked Reese and Quinn’s ‘3 minute’ conversation. The tension in the situation was really strong. I like that Reese tried to kill Quinn but couldn’t, it was poetic.  John looked truly terrible and actually looked like death.

It was great to see Simmons finally get taken down. For all of the bad that Simmons did he didn’t deserve to just get taken in. Just like Fusco said killing him would taint our heroes but not a man like Elias. It was a brilliant move that allowed all of us as fans to get the closure we deserved and the justice Carter was due without sullying any of the team members. Plus how great was that scene? The things Elias said were so on point. Enrico Colantoni put in another brilliant performance here and you really felt that he cared for Carter. Thanks to Scarface for putting an end to Simmons. Good riddance.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: The speech that Elias gave to Simmons about Carter and then having Scarface kill him. It was sweet justice and no one on the team had to sully themselves with killing him. “My friend is going to kill you, I’m just going to watch.” – Elias
  • I love the story of how Lionel got his name.
  • The music in this week’s episode was fantastic.
  • I like how the end of the ep mirrored the beginning with the heart monitor.
  • I am intrigued that Root said that something bigger is coming.
  • “You just shot a federal marshal.” – Fusco to Shaw “Just between us, its not my first time.” -Shaw. I love her dry sense of humor.
  • “Okay, that was kinda hot” -Shaw about Root’s shootout. I tend to agree. Dual wielding Root was super hot!

“The Devil’s Share” was a difficult in a way to watch. But it needed to be shown. Carter’s death left a gaping hole in the show and it will be fascinating to continue to watch all of the fallout from her death. I doubt that she will be quickly forgotten. I am excited to see where the story goes from here. There are still a bunch of interesting threads left to explore.


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