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Almost Human “Blood Brothers” Review

Blood Brothers 1

I continue to have some issues with Almost Human, but week in, week out it really delivers some fun moments between John and Dorian. This is certainly exemplified by “Blood Brothers” opening sequence. While it’s all a little crass, it is hard to not laugh at John’s reaction to the naked MX (though I share his pain, I think that image is unfortunately burned in my brain as well) or Dorian showing that he is in fact much more human in that manner. It also gives the opportunity for another one of Dorian’s classic burns. When John asks what Dorian does with it, he responds, “Probably the same thing you do with yours… nothing.” This show really has nailed the buddy cop vibe.

The case for the week worked well enough. Captain Maldonado is testifying against Ethan Avery, who is charged with the murder of a doctor. When one of the witnesses in the case is killed while giving testimony (remotely via holographic projection which was a neat-turned-gruesome touch), Kennex and the crew are called in to find out what happened there and track down the other witness who escaped. It turns out Avery has a little army of clones doing his bidding which I think makes for a more interesting and fitting case for the show than the past couple of weeks. I also really dug the way they re-purposed the testimony tech to try and fake handing over Avery to his clones.

I was a little mixed on how the other witness, Maya Vaughn, fit into things. On the one hand, I really liked how Dorian was able to connect with her. Part of the reason I think the case in “Skin” probably worked better than the ones in Episodes 3 and 4 is because they gave both John (with the kid of the victim) and Dorian (with the sexbot) a chance to connect with the victims and let us look into the minds of the main characters in a way their heroics in the field and witty one-liners in the car don’t let us. So Dorian helping her get in touch (so to speak) with her parents works for me. But I’m not sure the whole medium psychic thing does. Something about it in this show’s world seems a little off… at least the way it was represented here. Even with the scientific explanation of why she has the ability, it didn’t really sit all that great with me.

Blood Brothers 2

As long as Almost Human refuses to include any kind of overarching narrative after the pilot, I will continue to prattle on about how I’d much rather it have something… anything that carries over from episode to episode. And because of that, I guess I’ll have to take the forward steps in the relationship between Kennex and Stahl (somewhat spurred by Stahl’s abduction by the clones).  Them bantering about the game as the MX tries to spoil things for John and the two of them getting together for bourbon and a soccer match at the end was pretty fun (though I like to think these two are just a couple of weirdos who like soccer and that it hasn’t become an important American sport in the year 2048). It might not be the deep mythology I covet, but I’ll take what I can get.

A few more things worth noting:

  • Speaking of evolving character relationships, next week we go back to the third episode that was produced (“Blood Brothers” was the eighth), so that should we weird! Or maybe we won’t notice! Find out next week!
  • In case you weren’t sure what a scumbag Ethan Avery was, while the wtiness is getting iced he’s giving his best Mike Tomlin impression, smiling like he just “accidentally” got in the way of the opposing returner.
  • This show is going to drive me crazy about what the future brings. We have androids who can chase down vans and flip them over. We have laser lockpicks. We use holograms to do remote testimonies, but the doors to the safehouse/motel/whatever they were in are the same as your local Holiday Inn just asking to be kicked open.
  • I’m pretty sure if we were keeping some sort of Dorian vs. John Witty Retort Counter (trademark pending), Dorian would be ahead by like fifty. But John did have this good one on Detective Paul: “Wait, why don’t you just go re-read the ‘How to be a cop’ manual.” Dorian is still roasting John so far though.

What has been working with Almost Human continues to work in “Blood Brothers”. The characters are fun, the show itself funny and the cases solid if unspectacular. I enjoy it every week, but part of me wants it to be better I guess. And I think it could be (hint-hint: mythology, you are good at that stuff Wyman). Right now I can just enjoy the good show we are getting and see where it goes from here.


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