The Whiteboard was created by a couple of friends looking for a place to share their thoughts on entertainment online. We have both blogged elsewhere prior to this, but we thought coming together would allow us to create more content for our blog as well as work together on various ideas and pieces we come up with. Our primary focuses are on TV, Games and Music, but we occasionally dip into Sports and other forms of entertainment. Here is a bit about both of us and what we do here:

Matt 2

Matthew Thompson: I’m Matt. I had been writing about video games for a few years over on a gaming site that featured a blogging community within it. While I had occasionally written about other subjects over there, it was my desire to write more about TV that made me decide to look into starting a new blog. Plus the idea of a space more my own was something that appealed to me. And those two, Video Games and TV, are my big focuses on this blog. My favorite types of games are Platformers and Action/Adventure games though I dabble in all kinds of other genres as well. My all-time favorite gaming series is the Jak and Daxter trilogy on PS2. With TV, I prefer shows that mix both drama and comedy, but definitely watch a variety of shows that focus more on one or the other as well. My all-time favorite TV shows are Fringe and Scrubs. If you want to contact me, keep up with my blogs more easily or just see more of my random thoughts on whatever, following me on Twitter @TripOpt55 is a great way to do so.


Omarey Williams: Hey everyone.  I am Omarey or simply Omar. My aim here is to have fun and share my opinions on music, and TV primarily. I am big fan of music and I am one of those people that likes everything. You will see reviews for everything from metal to pop to rap to rock. My favorite artists are Thursday, Motion City Soundtrack, August Burns Red, and Kanye West. I plan to cover some of the many concerts I attend as well.  I also plan to spotlight some of my favorite TV shows. These include Arrested Development, LOST, Fringe, and Person of Interest. You can follow and interact with me on Twitter as well, @ramomcferno.

We hope you enjoy the content we create here for The Whiteboard. You can keep up with all things involving TheWhiteboard at its Twitter @TheWhiteboard3. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oops! Double nomination for the WordPress Family Award. :D

    No pressure to participate, but I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much you rock! :)

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